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Rittman Cemetery

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Rittman Cemetery Sections Map (PDF)

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Rittman Cemetery provides a tranquil setting for friends and family to visit their loved ones at their final resting place. Soldier’s Circle at Rittman Cemetery is the final resting place for many of the area’s early veterans. A newly built committal shelter is available for services.

Rules & Regulations

Biodegradable Monuments or Markers are prohibited. Read Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

Lot Fees

  • Adult Lots
    • Non-resident: $600
    • Resident: $500
  • Babyland Lots
    • Non-resident: $175
    • Resident: $150
  • Deed transfer fee: $25
  • Foundation fee is per square inch. Length by Width plus 3-inch border each side: $0.60

Lot Availability

Contact City Hall regarding the availability of cemetery lots at 330-925-2059.

Internment Fees

  • $125 for infants, one year old or under in Babyland
  • $300 for ashes
  • $600 for adults
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